About WellReadPanda

I am a yarncrafter who is passionate about red pandas, books, and the environment. I donate half of the profits from any commissions to charities like Oxfam, Red Panda Network, and the like.


Check me out on Instagram if you’d like to see updates on my latest interesting creations, life in Panama, and lots of nearyby jungle animals!



Free Pattern for Mango the Knitted Sloth!

I published a free pattern for Mango the Knitted Sloth over at Instructables! Take a look here. https://www.instructables.com/member/Well%20Read%20Panda/instructables/ It feels really good to publish my first Instructable! I’m always intimidated by designing stuff and writing out the designs, so this is kind of a big break-through for me 😀 If you knit a Mango of …


If you’d like to contact me for a commissioned yarn piece, please email me at kathleen.quitmeyer@gmail.com.

When suggesting commissions, please remember that crochet and knitting take a HUGE amount of time and effort, and that half of my proceeds go to charity. I ask for a down payment of 50% with the remainder paid upon completion of the project. Thanks! If you would like a project to be made with ethically sourced yarn, please let me know.