Chemex cozy and ammonite

I had some extra yarn while crashing with a couple of hospitable friends, so I thought I’d whip them up a cozy for their Chemex coffee maker (which I thoroughly enjoyed throughout my visit). Also, I made an ammonite for reasons I cannot fully explain. Something something spirals something infinity something eternal recurrence?



Batman pillow case

My sister and I were brainstorming for a gift idea for a friend, and we landed on making them a Batman-themed pillow. I don’t do a lot of colorwork, so this was kind of fun.



When a friend asked me for a psychedelic narwhal, I responded with a resounding “…OK?” Here’s how it turned out! Usually I consult patterns, but I just winged this one.


Marumi the red panda!

I adapted an existing animal pattern to create this apple-obsessed panda. She’s named after an adorably sassy little panda at Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo. Shout out to all the wonderful Japanese pandas I stalk on Instagram!



For the 2017 March for Science, I offered to make a brain hat for any of my friends who planned to attend a march. They really took me up on it! I knitted 12 brain hats in total in a month or two.  That was a lot of I-cord to sew down! I used a watermelon as a mannequin head, but only for the first one.




Hokuto the red panda helps out

I like to read while I knit, and sometimes I also need to consult a knitting book while I read. Keeping all those books open while knitting can be a bit tough, so I’m glad I have Hokuto in my corner for these cases.


Ant invasion!

Andy and I created this faux turf effect for his office door, and I knitted a bunch of ants to crawl all over it. There’s even a queen with a little crown!


This was pretty early on in my time crocheting amigurumi, and I was still doing it “inside out.”

Purdy coasters

I had just a little bit of this fun novelty yarn, so I thought I’d make some coasters with them. They’re more durable and useful than I thought they might be!


Sparkly gloves

I custom made these gloves for a friend who was born with two differently sized hands and has trouble finding gloves.


I also made a same-sized pair for another friend. This novelty yarn was understandably popular – SO SPARKLY!! ALL THE SEQUINS!