Giant mandala project

I crocheted this enormous mandala from the wonderful pattern, Mandala Madness. People from all over the world have done it in all kinds of color schemes! This color scheme is loosely based on the Tibetan sand mandalas that I used to watch monks painstakingly create over the course of Tibet week at Emory University.  It did end up pretty huge, but this is actually only about 2/3rds of the total pattern. Maybe I’ll add more rows someday.

I was a little afraid to do this at first, because I wasn’t sure what I would do with the completed mandala, but I decided just to make it because I knew I wanted to.  I’m glad I eventually found a place to hang it, on my already pretty odd apartment door. I think I learned a little lesson about not getting too hung up on the end result and just making things because I want to.