The cutest tablet case

I don’t usually like to make cozies for myself, but I thought my tablet could use a little protection, so I designed this red panda case for it. I love the green novelty yarn and hope that it suggests a bamboo forest 🙂 It’s fun to see this little panda peeking at me from my nightstand.


Marumi the red panda!

I adapted an existing animal pattern to create this apple-obsessed panda. She’s named after an adorably sassy little panda at Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo. Shout out to all the wonderful Japanese pandas I stalk on Instagram!


Hokuto the red panda helps out

I like to read while I knit, and sometimes I also need to consult a knitting book while I read. Keeping all those books open while knitting can be a bit tough, so I’m glad I have Hokuto in my corner for these cases.