Rainbow infinity scarf

I designed this rainbow infinite scarf for a trip I took to Nepal in 2017. It’s a lot colder in Nepal than in Singapore, so I really had to bundle up! The yarn is from a great company called Darn Good Yarn that has lots of sustainable and ethical practices.  This yarn is made from waste saris that are cut into ribbons! It has some beautiful effects in it, like patterns and rhinestones from the original sari patterns.




For the 2017 March for Science, I offered to make a brain hat for any of my friends who planned to attend a march. They really took me up on it! I knitted 12 brain hats in total in a month or two.  That was a lot of I-cord to sew down! I used a watermelon as a mannequin head, but only for the first one.




Sparkly gloves

I custom made these gloves for a friend who was born with two differently sized hands and has trouble finding gloves.


I also made a same-sized pair for another friend. This novelty yarn was understandably popular – SO SPARKLY!! ALL THE SEQUINS!