Plarn turtles

I’ve been playing around with plarn, which is “yarn” made by slicing up used plastic bags. I really like the color of the green bags I get from the grocery delivery service RedMart here in Singapore.

So far, I’m mostly knitting little turtles with them. The turtles in these pictures are made with a combination of traditional yarn and plarn – I’m typically knitting the shells entirely out of yarn and the appendages and heads with yarn and plarn. The tiniest turtle in the picture with the jellyfish is made entirely of traditional yarn.

There are lots of ways to make plarn, but I like to cut off the handles and the bottom, slice the bag in half so it lies flat, and then cut zigzags with a rotary cutter to make one long continuous piece of plarn. Make sure to use a cutting board behind the rotary cutter! Or try out different methods to see what works for you.
And here is the pattern for these adorable turtles:

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